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PostIcon Posted on: Oct. 10 2011,07:12  Skip to the next post in this topic. Ignore posts   QUOTE

I am creating a new web-site as this one is looking a bit old. (The new one is not finished yet but you can try it at http://www.hexeditpro.com.)

HexEdit has been the first to implement a lot of useful and innovative features, such as templates. I intend to create a page highlighting some of the "firsts" that HexEdit has achieved but I have not tried all the other hex editors out there -- actually I avoid using them in case they taint my ideas :). I was hoping for a bit of feedback that I am actually stating the facts.

Here is what I believe:

Things that HexEdit did first but were later copied:

* unlimited undo (1999)
* print preview (1999)
* file compare (1999)
* keystroke macros (1999)
* powerful calculator (able to read/write active file) (2000)
* edit files of any size (2001)
* autoscroll acceleration (2001)
* window manager (2001)
* menu, toolbar etc customization (2001)
* highlighter (2001)
* advanced templates with loops, branches, jumps, etc (2003)
* stacked mode (2005)
* associate text (category, keywords, etc) with each file (2008)

Things in HexEdit that have not appeared in any other hex editor:

* undo of display changes (not just file changes) (1999)
* background searches (2000)
* search and jump tools (2001)
* custom file filter list (displayed in file dialogs) (2001)
* color schemes with byte ranges (2002)
* ruler handles for adjusting grouping etc (2008)
* C/C++ parser for creating templates (2009-beta)
* aerial view (2010)
* infinite precision integer calculator (2011)

Things that HexEdit has done that has never been done in any other program:

* recent file list (2003)

Edited by andrew on Oct. 29 2011,19:02

Andrew Phillips
Moderator of Forums and creator of Hex Edit
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PostIcon Posted on: Dec. 21 2011,23:53 Skip to the previous post in this topic.  Ignore posts   QUOTE

I don't know about other editors but I thing you missed one - the way colors "layer" on top of each other. Eg: if you have searched for something and also highlighted than you can see both at the same time. I have never seen that in other programs and it looks nice and it works well also.
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