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Topic: Changing an old game resolution, (ASM/HEX editing)< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
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PostIcon Posted on: Feb. 01 2013,07:49   Ignore posts   

The game is phantasy star online v2 for the pc, i can force a buch of things into the game like AA, but the low res makes the game lack detail, there aren't enough pixels to show things in detail and AA can't fix that, trust me, i have pretty much all graphical settings maxed this includes adaptive anti aliasing, ansitropic filtering with trilinear at 16, negative LOD,.....

One thing that is missing is the res which is at the same res of the dreamcast game, that is 640x480.

Now before you post i'll just discard the obvious changes that ppl might suggest:

- glide wraper does not work
- programs that inject themselves similar to ebn series to alter resolution do not work
- there is no ini file with the res
- adding the res to a shortcut does not work
- There is no option in the registry to alter the res
- There is no option ingame or in other exes to alter res

Please do not post if the solution is any of the above.

Now on to the real thing, i have disassembled the exe and found 2 entries , one with 280h and another one with 1E0h, both were on a MOV and they were dwords i think, this change was my 2nd try and it worked but only partially. (i changed the values to 400h and 300h to test things out)

What i mean by this is that the game is working at both res, 3d objects like the char, the objects in the areas are all using the new res, but the map, the hud, the interface, and some pre-game stuff are all using the old res wich means something else escaped me.

I changed many of the 1E0h values with no results, i went for the non obvious stuff and still no luck, now i'm basically searching the exe using an hexeditor and searching the value wich gave me 100 results, i have changed these and tested the game and so far i didn't have luck, the game is not playable at this point but the main menu and the stuff before it (like the companies that made the game) these are still using the old res.
Should i keep searching and altering the remaining 1E0h or is there a procedure, a call, a file, a function, an assembly line that i should be aware of?

Maybe someone has an idea or a hint on where i should search in the disassembled code

Here's a screenshot of what i have so far: http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/5600/pso2013013019582844.png
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