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We are always willing to help users of HexEdit.  Most users are delighted with our responsiveness and level of support.

Some users have been frustrated at their inability to contact us, especially via email.  The majority of these problems have been due to their email being blocked by SPAM filtering (at several points in the process).  Sometimes our outgoing mail has been blocked due to being incorrectly flagged as SPAM (eg Yahoo did this at one stage).

This page has been created to alleviate the problem.  If you have difficulties please try one or more alternatives from the following methods.

  • Contact Form

  • You can quickly and easily contact us through the Contact Form.

  • Within HexEdit

  • When running the software the easiest way to contact us is to send an email right from within HexEdit using the Email dialog available from the Help -> Email Support... menu item.

    This automatically tells us which version of HexEdit you are using and what version of Windows you are using.  It also creates an appropriate subject (to avoid SPAM filtering by our email system).

    You can select from several alternative email addresses if you are not having success with the default.  (Actually you can send email to anybody using this dialog by entering their address in the "To" box.)

  • Forums

  • The forums are a great way to get feedback, as long as you don't mind everyone being able to see your question. Go to

    There are different sections for posting feedback on bugs and requests for enhancements and, of course, asking questions about problems.  The Announcements and "Tips and Tricks" sections might also be useful to you.

  • Email

  • Please send an email to

    Note that many people have reported problems obtaining a response via email.  These problems cannot be traced to a single cause.  Emails get lost due to incorrect SPAM filters and other technical problems.  If you do not get a reply please persist by re-sending or try another method such as posting to the forums.

  • Reporting Bugs

  • Please report bugs or other issues using the GitHub issue tracking system.