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An overriding principle in the design of Hex Edit has been to keep the user interface as simple and uncluttered as possible. It is a common failing of other hex editors that they assume an advanced user who uses the program every day with bulging menus full of rarely used features.

Mark - Click to see a full size screen shot

That's why the menus are short (apart from the Operations menu which has many similar items), and each Options page does not have more than 10 options.

The idea is that the user interface is not overwhelming. An infrequent user (as users of hex editors often are) can use the program without constantly referring to the help. Of course, if you need it there is lots of help available.

Help - Click to see a full size screen shot


The mark is a simple facility that allows you to mark a position in a file and return to it later. It is also useful in many other areas such as keystroke macros.


One problem with keeping the user interface simple is that some of the more powerful features may not be obvious. This is where HexEdit provides extensive help in the provided help (quickstart, overview, reference, tutorials, etc) as well as tooltips, tip of the day and even video tutorials (see Training Videos).