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HexEdit 5.0 is the latest version for our binary file editor for Windows.

Product File Download MD5* SHA1*
Hex Edit 5.0
5 MBytes
(no installer)
Link 1 (DropBox)
Link 2 (FileFactory)
Link 3 (MediaFire)

37D3 D1BC 0592 584A 54A5 47D1 13F9 364A

F59A 71A6 FAC5 1750 2206 4BB4 A2C8 6439 A92C 5161

Hex Edit 4.0
8 MBytes
Link 1 (box)
Link 2 (DropBox)
Link 3 (MediaFire)
12A0 992F 6807 D528 CFC6 BA3E B71B F672

374C C2C6 27A9 BB38 51EC E446 5287 ED6A 436B A793

Hex Edit 3.6
7 MBytes
Link 1 (box)
Link 2 (MediaFire)
51F0 13AD A3D3 5780 DC8C 1A19 7B14 90AF CB69 9EBE 5A3B E50D FDE3 7925 7660 7EE8 AEC5 9534

* You may verify that a file you have downloaded has not been tampered with by using a message digest, also known as a cryptographic checksum (SHA1 is preferred to MD5). You can use many tools to generate these including an earlier version of HexEdit if you have it.