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This roadmap shows where Hex Edit has blazed new trails and where it is going next.  Note that Hex Edit firsts have been highlighted below in red - some of these trail-blazing features have since been copied.

Hex Edit 5.01

Due for release in 2017.  Proposed features:

  • Show current RGBA value in bitmap preview when hovering over a pixel
  • Support for 3 types of Unicode display in character area
  • Support for RSA and ECC public key encryption (using Crypto++)
  • User requested enhancements

Hex Edit 5.0

Released 2016.  Major features include:

  • New File Compare with side-by-side window view
  • File Compare difference list tool window
  • New comparison difference count in the status bar
  • Current search occurrence is shown in the status bar (next to total found)
  • Preview view (currently supports most graphics formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, ...)
  • New bitmap properties page showing bitmap info (memory & disk)
  • Full support for zoom, scroll, etc and alpha-channel (transparency)
  • Additional aerial view options (eg max bitmap size)
  • Support for Windows 7 Task Bar (recently-used, most-used, & favorites lists)
  • Support for progress display for all long operations in HexEdit Taskbar icon
  • Make Favorite command (star button) adds current file to "Favorite" category
  • All files in "Favorite" category are added to Windows 7 taskbar "favorites" list
  • Display Window Tabs command
  • Simplification of buttons in bookmarks window
  • Add a bookmark by clicking the "Add" button then (optionally) enter a name
  • In-place edit of bookmark names
  • New SHA, SHA2, SHA3 commands to generate digest value on the selection
  • New Base32, Base64 commands for encoding/decoding binary data as text
  • New CRC commands, and improved performance of existing CRCs
  • New general CRC command: allows entering (and saving) of all CRC params
  • Background processing to generate CRC32 and digests (MD5, SHA1, SHA2)
  • Background processing to display byte occurrences graph
  • Turn off background processing for some files (eg network, removable)
  • Easily reposition "Info Tip" windows by dragging with the mouse
  • New File Folders options allows config of default Open/Save location
  • Copy C/C++ source dialog has been generalized (as "Copy Formatted")
  • Copy Formatted dialog supports full text preview
  • Confusing behaviour of the "Recent File List" has been addressed
  • Open Read-Only, Open Shareable options for "Recent File List"
  • Search button added to the "Recent File List" (eg to search keywords)
  • Usability and bug fixes in calculator (esp. when used in macros)
  • Visual clues in the calculator that you are in hex/decimal/other mode
  • New Calculator Tape tool window
  • Three new properties pages
  • Floating point properties page now supports Real48
  • New code page options, eg how invalid/continuation bytes are shown
  • Right-click a file in Explorer window to see the new custom menu
  •  Explorer custom menu with lots of new file manipulation options
  • Quickly set any or all file times (mod/create/access) using DATE variables
  • Quickly set/clear file flags: RO, SYSTEM, compression, encryption, etc
  • Quickly delete a file (or all selected files) in Explorer window
  • WIPE file(s) with 3 algorithms (including highly secure NIST standard)
  • Jump to location of currently open file in Explorer window

Hex Edit 4.0

Some of these options only appeared in HexEdit Pro 4.0, not in HexEdit 4.0. All options appear in Hexedit 5.0

Released 2013.  Major features include:

  • New GUI including with improved docking
  • Character area can display using any Code Page (including UTF-8)
  • Template fields can be assigned a color for highlighting in hex area
  • Windows 7 dialogs now have "Don't ask/tell me again" checkbox
  • Improved resizing of Properties dialog, Calculator, etc
  • Calculator now supports infinite precision integers
  • Calculator now has visual display of bottom 64 bits
  • Calculator now supports working with any number of bits (not just 8,16,32, 64)
  • Calculator now supports any base (radix) up to 36, optionally signed/unsigned
  • Calculator now displays the full expression that is being generated
  • Full calculator history (including result in tip window)
  • New options for how clipboard is used (including "hex text")
  • New options for deciding on default directories for open and save-as
  • Time properties page now supports common implementation of time64_t
  • Keystroke macros can now be permanently assigned to a toolbar button/menu item/keystroke

Hex Edit 3.6

Released 2011.  Major features included:

  • Copy/paste data of any size (using temp file if too big for clipboard)
  • New SHA1 and CRC commands
  • New Close Others command
  • New Aerial View menu
  • Move bookmarks simply by dragging
  • Current Info Tip byte is highlighted
  • C/C++ parser now supports latest C standard, including variadic macros
  • Expressions now support ++ and -- operators

Hex Edit 3.5

Released 2010.  Major features included:

  • Aerial View
  • New shaded toolbar buttons
  • Floating templates
  • C/C++ parser for generating templates
  • New video tutorials hosted by YouTube

Hex Edit 3.4

Released 2009.  Major features included:

  • New calculator facilities including ability to evaluate any type of expression (int, real, bool, date, string)
  • Navigation Points
  • Full control of hex/decimal ruler numbers, ticks etc

Hex Edit 3.3

Released 2008.  Major features included:

  • Improved Options dialog with tree control
  • Ruler including handles for adjusting row size etc
  • Highlighting of cursor and mouse positions
  • Explorer window
  • Floating Point page now supports Real48 (Turbo Pascal/Delphi)

Hex Edit 3.2

Released 2007.  Major features included:

  • Info Tips
  • Category, keywords, comments can be associated with a file
  • All operations adjusted to work on unlimited size selections
  • New Save All and Close All commands
  • Date Properties page now supports time64_t
  • Floating Point Properties page now supports C# Decimal
  • Byte page now supports displaying the current character using any Code Page

Hex Edit 3.1

Released 2006.  Major features included:

  • Faster, more-reliable installer/uninstaller
  • Disk editor
  • Many new functions for use in expressions
  • New commands including MD5

Hex Edit 3.0

Released 2005.  Major features included:

  • New "stacked" mode as requested by several users
  • Change tracking (shows insertions, deletions, replacements)
  • New repair commands
  • Major template additions including JUMP and EVAL
  • New insert block command filled in many ways
    • string of characters
    • hex digits
    • from clipboard
    • integer and floating point numbers
    • random values (with ranges)

Hex Edit 2.6

Released 2004.  Major features included:

  • Ability to create a new file and fill it in many different ways
  • copy to clipboard as text in many different formats
    • C/C++ strings
    • C/C++ arrays: char, int and floating points formats
    • CSV integers or floating point values
  • Many new commands for performing operations on the selection
    • unary operations: NOT etc
    • binary operations take other operand from calculator
    • assignment operation
    • random fill

Hex Edit 2.5

Released 2003.  Major features included:

  • Advanced template system
  • C-like expressions (used in templates and jump tools)
  • Bookmarks
  • Advanced Find and Replace Options
  • Printing improvements including option to only duplicate lines once with count
  • Recent File Dialog

Hex Edit 2.2

Released 2002.  Major features included:

  • Toolbar drop-list for selecting display area (hex/char/both), character set, etc
  • Color schemes including byte ranges
  • Import/export using hex text, Intel-hex and Motorola-S formats
  • Added Date page to Properties dialog
  • New CRC and checksum commands

Hex Edit 2.1

Released 2001.  Major features included:

  • Maximum file size limit lifted from 2 GBytes to virtually unlimited
  • Window tabs (top or bottom of main window)
  • Highlighter allows making of discontiguous selections
  • Encryption commands
  • Better printing: margins, headers, footers, line spacing, etc
  • Keymap
  • Shadow cursor
  • Added File page to Properties dialog
  • File Filter list

Hex Edit 2.0

Released 2001.  Major features included:

  • Major GUI improvements
  • Customization of menus, toolbars, context menus, keyboard, etc
  • Toolbar button image editor
  • User-defined tools
  • Window Manager
  • Search and jump tools on Edit Toolbar
  • Commands for working with large files such as Append Selection to File
  • Conversion commands: ASCII <-> EBCDIC, etc
  • Autoscroll acceleration

Hex Edit 1.2

Released 2000.  Major features included:

  • Full calculator (including full integration with macros)
  • Easy selection length display by holding down the SHIFT key
  • Editing of values in the Properties dialog
  • Display of Unicode characters in Byte Properties page
  • Toggle any bit by double clicking the binary value in Byte Properties page

Hex Edit 1.1

Released 2000.  Major features included:

  • Background searches (in low-priority thread)
  • Save macros to file
  • IBM/OEM character set display
  • Ability to abort long operations (macros, searches, compares)

Hex Edit 1.0

Released 1st January 1999.  Major features included:

  • Ability to edit files bigger than memory (up to 2 GBytes)
  • Multiple document interface
  • Binary and text clipboard support
  • Full support for ASCII and EBCDIC
  • Unlimited undo (including undo of display changes)
  • Keystroke macros
  • Printing and print preview
  • Modeless Properties dialog displaying integer, floating point, character set info, etc
  • Simple searches: hex or text
  • Simple file comparisons
  • Complete display control (font, font size, etc)
  • Autofit, insert/overtype, read-only/writeable modes
  • Many byte, word, double-word and quad-word operations including inc, dec, etc
  • Optional character area
  • Comprehensive help